Sizzling Sizzler Menu Launch at The Social Kitchen – Holiday Inn

Location – Social Kitchen is conveniently  located at the ground floor of the internationally  famous Hotel Holiday Inn , near Chinar Park , Rajarhat New Town, very near to airport.

Ambience & Decor – Sophisticated , classy ambience , comfortable seating arrangements for about 70 people , live kitchen , good interior decoration​ etc makes this place a must visit.

Staffs & Service – Staffs are well trained and courteous and Service was prompt.

We Panchphoron team were invited for their special sizzler tasting session and we had the following – 

Veg  Sizzler 

1)Kolkata O Kolkata sizzler – It is a twisted chaat sizzler with Raj Kachori and green pea Samosa served sizzler with tamarind glaze and white lentil ragout. It is a must for Chaat lovers !! Tangy !! Highly recommended….

2) Mexican Standoff – It is a sizzler made with grilled pineapple and Mexico style potato skin with BBQ sauce and cheese nachos. It tasted nice with juicy flavourful pineapples.

3)Kerala Breeze – It is cottage cheese 65 marinated and grilled , served with exotic veg foogath , spiced curry emulsion. It was soft, flavourful and yummy.

4)Tandoori Veg Sizzler – It is a platter of clay oven roasted potatoes , cheese broccoli, harabhara tikki, Makai tikki with mint and green mango pesto. It tasted nice and healthy.

5)Hibachi Style Sizzler – Exotic teriyaki vegetables, peppered cottage cheese served with Japanese Mayo.The vegetables were juicy and the entire dish was nice.

Non Veg Sizzler 

1)CA Nuong – Grilled Fish Vietnamese style served with flat noodle. Succulent fish ,  flavourful sizzler !!

2)Gambas Pilpil – Sizzler fresh water prawn served with exotic vegetable. Juicy and flavourful !!

3)Carnivorous Sizzler – Platter of chicken costoletta, lamb shank , pork ribs, Kolkata Bhetki , salmon served with mashed potato, mushroom, roasted beet roots and marsala jus. The pork was excellent.

4)Pollofriggeva – A sizzler where chicken pan seared and served with skillet potato and mushroom jus.
Come here with your friends and family and enjoy the lavish food ride within a friendly pocket pinch.

Thanks to the management for their amazing hospitality .

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron.


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