Poila Boisakh menu @ Lalit- The Great Eastern 

Naba Barsha is the celebration of Bengali New Year !! Naba Barsha in Bengal marks the first day of Baisakh – the first month of Bengali Calendar. The festival usually falls on the 13th or 14th day of April according to English Calendar Year. Naba Barsha festival is known as Poila Baisakh in West Bengal & Bangladesh.

For Bengalis, Naba Barsha is the beginning of all business activities. Businessmen and traders purchase new accounting books and start new account known as Haalkhata. People also worship Lord Ganesha by chanting mantras.

Naba Barsha celebrations are marked with joy, enthusiasm and hope. Songs, dance, games besides reciting of poems are organized in various parts of the West Bengal to mark the occasion. Enthusiastic people of Bengal also celebrate the eve of Naba Varsha as Chaitra-Sankranti and bid farewell to the past year.

Early in the morning of Naba Barsha, Bengalis take out processions known as Prabhat Pheries. To participate in Prabhat Pheris ladies clad themselves in traditional Bengali sari (white sari with red border) and flowers in hair while men wear dhoti kurta. The day is spent in feasting and participating in cultural activities. People also visit friends and dear ones to wish each other “Shubho Nabo Barsho !!”

Hotels and restaurants all across Kolkata launch their special Poila Boisakh menu  mainly Bengali cuisine.

We Panchphoron team went on a food tasting event in the eve of Bengali New year Menu launch.

Ambienceluxary ambience with milky interior, glass ceilings with an outdoor feel, sophistically decorated, and cozy seating arrangements.

Staffs & Service – Staffs are well trained and very courteous with good service and arrangements.

The special menu ( Thali ) consisted of the following – 

 1) Panch misali bhaja – Primary Bengali starter consisted  of begun bhaja,potol bhaja, kumro bhaja, papor bhaja & Bori bhaja. 

The special Thali comprised of Bash kati chaler bhat,Sobji diye sukto,Mochar ghonto, Paneer/ chanar paturi,Pulau,Mutton Kosha,Kakra Kosha,Echor chingri. Delicious Desserts included Patisapta,Amriti,Rosogolla,Gurer sondesh,Coconut chocolate brownie,rice kheer sondesh,Malai sandwich, Aam Doi.

All the dish were yummy and well cooked, but my top picks are – 

1) Paneer/Chanar  Paturi – Chanar Paturi is an authentic Bengali recipe of paneer that is flavored with mustard, coconut and green chillies and steamed in pumpkin leaves. Paneer is called as Chanar in Bengali language. This recipe is a vegetarian adoption of popular Bengali fish recipe paturi, one of the royal dishes of Bengali cuisine. Pumpkin leaves wrapped parcels of mustard-coated paneer is steamed to make the delicious dish.The basic idea is to cook the paneer in a wilted pumpkin-leaf envelope. A must try …..!!

2) Mutton Kasha – This Spicy Bengali Mutton Curry aka Kosha Mangsho is a perfect lunch recipe that would be loved by all. Lick your fingers to Kosha Mangsho’s velvety gravy and biting into the juicy pieces of the meat. Try this curry recipe made with mutton, potato, bay leaf, and yoghurt, this main dish recipe is a true delight.

3) Kakra Jhaal-  mouthwatering, spicy, chili curry, that will literally make you go down to your knees. Even we can skip the mutton for this crab curry. Its that much tasty and fiery.

3) Aam Doi – was thick , topped with dry fruits , kesar, rose petals and was heavenly.

4)Coconut Chocolate Brownie – a fusion dessert, was highly enjoyable and perfect for sweet lovers.

So what are you waiting for ?? 

Come here and enjoy the delicious Bengali dishes on any day or on any special occasion with your loved ones and relish.

Thanks to the management for their hospitality and warm reception and special thanks to Madhumita Di for her attention .

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron.


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