MSG free Asian Cuisine at Asia House .

Asia House is a restaurant  which attempts to create Modern Asian cuisine which refers to traditional Asian dishes cooked using modern ingredients & techniques. Asia House is MSG free.

Location – Lake View Road, Southern Avenue , Kolkata.

Ambience  & decor –  Seating of about 25 people, the ambience is warm and the decor is impressive, with nice lighting , wall pieces which represents true Asian art.

Staffs & Service – Staffs are very polite and service is prompt.

Went on a food tasting event on 6/3/2017, we were served the following – 

Soups & Starters – 

1) Vietnamese pho ( chicken )

2) Asian Mushroom soup ( chicken )

3)Sui Mai ( chicken )

4)Pla Sad Takrai 

5)Indonesian Chicken Satay

Mains – 

1) Kai Pad Kraprow

2) Sliced Fish in chef’s secret sauce

3) Khao pad kratiem ( chicken )

4) Chilli Garlic Noodles ( egg ) 

Desserts – 

1)Darsaan with icecream 

2) Fried ice cream 

All the dish were good and nicely made .

Foodie’s top picks – 

1) Asian Mushroom soup ( chicken ) – It is thick ginger flavoured Asian soup with mushrooms & spring onions.It had generous fillings and was flavourful and appetising.

2)Fried Icecream –  Fried vanilla ice cream infused with coconut flakes and finished with honey, white sesame and chocolate sauce was very nicely presented and was heavenly. Highly recommended.

3)Pla sad Takrai – Thai crispy fish tossed with lemongrass, bird’s eye Chilli, coriander and Thai herbs .  This dish is a superstar item. Its lipsmacking, juicy  with perfect flavour.Highly recommended.

4)Sliced Fish in Chef’s secret sauce –  It is made from Asian prunes and shrimps is again a mouth watering item . The secret sauce tasted tangy , fish was succulent and this item is a thing not to miss.

5) Chilli Garlic egg noodles – is well cooked and had perfect balance of spiciness , less oily and was great.

Thanks to the management of Asia House for their warm reception and hospitality.

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron.


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