Veg healthy menu at Home Flavour

It’s a home delivery which serves homemade vegetarian healthy food at your doorstep.

Location – BL 86, Sector 2 , Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Visited this place on 4/3/2017 as a part of food tasting on behalf of PanchPhoron Bloggers meet. 

Place is very hygienic and clean with tidy kitchen and staffs. For people living and working in this corporate area, but don’t find time to cook or arrange  food, Home flavour is the answer to all their worries, this place serves homely hygienic food at a reasonable rate.

We were served the following – 

1) Holi special Thandai – It was served chilled, and was mind blowing, refreshment at its best, instantly got energetic after drinking and finally was well made.

2) Parathas – we were served 6 types of parathas which are as following – 

a) Aloo paratha 

b) Mithaa Paratha

c) Gobhi paratha 

d) Onion paratha

e) Cheese Paratha 

f) Sattu paratha 

All the parathas were made of whole wheat flour and were stuffed generously and were absolutely well made and yummy. They were served with pickles, chutney and curd.

3) Cheese Paneer Roll – It was absolutely a treat to the tastebuds, healthy, packed with protein, stuffed generously and was lipsmacking. The flavour of cheese and paneer was awesome. Highly recommended !!!

4) Whole wheat veg noodles –  Made with 100% whole wheat, chemical free noodles was both healthy and tasty. 

5) Gravy veg Noodles- This was also made with 100% whole wheat , and was absolutely healthy and yummy. It was nicely made too.

Thanks  Mr. Vikas and his family members for their warm reception and hospitality.

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron.


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