Authentic Mughlai lunch at Shimla Biriyani

Location – It is located at V.I.P Nagar, Ruby Hospital area, Kolkata.

Ambience & Decor – The restaurant is spacious, two storeyed  with ample seating arrangements. Decor is royal with luxury furniture and lighting.

Staffs and service – Staffs are extremely polite and service is good.

This place mainly serves Mughlai and North Indian cuisines.

Went on a food tasting event on behalf of PanchPhoron and tasted the following items – 


1) Lichi Delight – creamy, smooth and yummy. It was refreshing.

2)Fruit Punch – It was quite fruity and was enjoyable.

3)Chef Special – This was delightful and was smooth and a must try.

Starters – 

1)Shimla special Kebab – It was juicy and was tasty, served with a special sauce was appetising.

2)Cheese Kebab – This was absolutely delightful, cheesy , soft and  a must try.

3)Drums of Heaven – was well presented and was juicy, tangy and yummy.

Main Course – 

1) Special Mutton Biriyani – well cooked, less oily , tender meat piece, tender potato and was yummy.

2)Veg Biriyani – It was very unique and beside being veg , it was so good, well cooked and flavourful. Highly recommended.

3)Kashmiri Chicken – This is a heavenly dish , very well prepared, mild spicy, sweet, creamy and was delicious. Highly recommended.

4)Masala Kulcha / Tandoori Laccha – Both were soft and well made.

5)Paneer Kofta – This dish was also mild, creamy,  flavourful and was very well prepared. It went very well with Kulcha and paratha.

6) Mutton Rara– a regal dish , spicy , meat soaked with special  spices was realy tasty. Again a hot item !!

7) Phirni- Phirni  was creamy, had good sweetness balance and was delicious.

Pocket pinch is reasonable too.

Thanks to the management of Shimla Biriyani for their warm hospitality.

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron.


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