Lipsmacking Food at Santa Delivers.

A small home delivery joint which delivers varieties of mouth-watering homely dishes like North Indian, Chinese, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pasta , Rolls etc. They have two outlets – one is Sector 2, Salt Lake and another in Kasba.

Drinks : we had tried three types of shakes- 

Chocolate milk shake – was quite creamy, with perfect sweetness balance and sufficient quantity. 

 Vanilla shake – creamy , less sweet and was the best shake out of the three provided.

 Strawberry shake – this was too creamy, perfectly prepared with strawberry syrup and was fine.

Starters : we had varieties of Chinese starters along with Indian kebabs,

Crispy chili baby corn – a famous starter, was crispy and well prepared, spicy and lip smacking.

 Chili chicken – boneless chicken pieces was cooked realy well , the taste was perfect , flavourful with correct amount of spices.

 Garlic noodles – Very well cooked and was perfect in spice balance.

 Chicken skewers – delicious Middle-Eastern inspired barbecue chicken pieces marinated and coated with crushed garlic,paprika,lemon juice,salt,parsley & cayenne pepper. later on chicken pieces put into the wooden sticks and grilled very well. This item was bit disappointing , undercooked and average

Chicken lollipop –  This lollipop’s a bit gravy type which was sauteed with sauces along with bell peppers,onion,ginger,chili,garlic & parsley leaves, it tasted succulent and yummy.

 Chicken tikka kebab – marinated tender chicken pieces coated with spices,put into the skewers and grilled to the perfection. chicken pieces are very soft and juicy. served with onion salad,try to eat with squeezed lemon juice and green coriander dips.

Main Course – 

 Jeera rice- an famous Indian dish consisting of rice and cumin seeds. It was well prepared, buttery and delicious.

 Fried rice – It was dry but the taste was really really good. Recommended……

 Shahi polau – a sweet and flavourful rice item with cashew nuts, raisins, fruits etc . This was well made and aromatic.

 Chicken kasa – a very popular Bengali side dish, it was spicy and lip smacking.

Chicken bharta – minced chicken cooked with mashed egg yolks imparts creaminess as well as it is mainly a spicy minced chicken dish which combined with boiled eggs which was cut into pieces. the gravy was quite thick and flavorful. It was very well made and was lip smacking. Highly recommended !!!

Lachcha parantha – good in size and was well made, crispy and yummy.

Dal makhni – Black gram, Rajma cooked slowly with butter and selective spices and it goes good with naan or any type of breads. The dal was rich, creamy and delicious.

Paneer butter masala – diced shape paneer pieces cooked with spicy gravy.served with butter cubes and was delicious,very creamy as well as smooth. good to go with any kind of breads.

Foodie’s Top picks – 

1) Chicken Bharta 

2) Chicken Kasa 

3) Sahi pulao

4)Garlic noodles

5) crispy Chilli baby corn

Santa’s delivery realy delivers wonderful tasty homely dishes at a reasonable rate and sufficient quantity. They provide good tight sealing of food. Don’t hesitate to order food at any time with quick service.

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron.


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