Authentic Chinese at China Wok

​​Bloggers Meet over Mouth-watering Delicacies at China Wok.

Location –
located at Purna Das Road, Kolkata beside Sudipa’s Rannaghar.

Staffs & Service – Staffs are well behaved and service is prompt.

This restaurant’s vision is to produce Asian cuisine staying true to certain traditional ways of Asian cooking and flavours. China Wok is MSG free and also believes in ethical vegetarianism

This is a genuine place to have authentic Chinese dishes at a reasonable price. People who can’t afford at Mainland China can surely come to this place for having milder version of Chinese dishes.


Ambience is nice with Chinese props but spacing is limited. There is no washroom. Its better to take away food from here.


They served us


Spicy lemon burnt Garlic soup (Chicken) 2*4 portions
( spicy soup with fresh lemon, burnt garlic and green chillies)

8 Treasure soup (Chicken)– 2*4 portions
( traditional coriander and chilli flavoured thick soup with vegetables and mushrooms)

Review- All the soups were well made, had generous fillings and were appetising.

Starters –

Prik kai sot sai Thod
– 1 portion( chicken wings tossed in Thai sweet chilli sauce with kaffir lemon)

– 1 portion( Pan roasted Chicken smoked with charcoal and caramelised in Barbeque and butter sauce)

Chicken sui mai –
1 portion( wafer thin flour wrappers with minced and served with garlic oil)

Review- All the side dishes were juicy and lip smacking.


Kung pao chicken – 2 portion( diced chicken toast in kung Pao sauce and finished with roasted cashew nuts)

Pla pad kraprow
– 1 portion( sliced fish tossed in Thai Chilli Basil sauce with Birds eye Chilli)

Thai Red Curry ( veg .) –
1 portion( traditional medium spicy Thai red curry with fresh chillies and Ginger)

Review- All were well cooked and were lip smacking. Highly recommended ..

Rice & Noodles –

Schezwan rice ( chicken)
-2 portions( spicy fried rice tossed with roasted Chili paste , bell peppers and dry Red Chillies)

Chilli garlic noodles (egg)
-2 portions

Steamed Rice – 1 portion 

Review- chilli garlic noodles is highly recommended!!! It was awesomely cooked  and was sufficient in quantity.


Darsaan with vanilla ice cream
– 2 portions
( crispy fried flowers strips tossed with Burnt honey and caramelized sugar)

Review – last but not the least ..Dessert was enjoyable.

Last but not the least, this is a highly recommend place for Chinese and Thai food lovers. Don’t go much for ambience , space & decor because when food is good, nothing realy matters.


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