Valentine Day Special @ Afraa- Creperie ….

Afraa Creperie is a cafe located at City Centre 1 of Sector 1 , Salt Lake , Kolkata famous for their Italian, Continental , Bakery & Desserts.

Ambience – Romantic & Peaceful ambience with cosy furniture , music, quirky posters and a beautiful lawan outside. Just loved it !!!

Staffs & Service – Staffs were efficient and service was prompt.

We Panchphoron team went on a food tasting session on the eve of their special Valentine Day menu launch and had the following – 

1)Charr grilled prawn , melon Greek barbecue potato wadges & spicy chocolate salsa –  Very appetising , juicy with the perfect spicy chocolate salsa dip.

2)Papillote of Asian vegetable, whole wheat ravioli in court bouillon, spiced grilled bananas – a tangy & healthy dish and beautifully presented.

3)Char grilled lamb shanks, pomegranate basil sauce , garlic-green chilli crushed potato & balsamic fig. – A dry BBQ one, flavourful, juicy and lip smacking.

4)Pizza with flaky almond rose petal pesto fried garlic jalapeno strawberries & mozzarella –  a unique pizza in itself, was very tempting , beautifully presented and delicious.

5)Baked lime cheesecake chocolate coated strawberries and fresh basil –  It had a wonderful flavour and perfectly cooked and was heavenly.

Pocket pinch  –  its just around 2000 for 2 !

So don’t waste time and come here on any special occasion or on any other day and cherish the delicious food ride……😘😘😘

** Note : Thanks Rajdeep Bhattacharjee(Gourmets Travel Guide)for the invitation .
I am a Proud Member of Panch Phoron #panchphoron


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