Awesome Home Delivery @ Hungerbuzz

Hunger Buzz is a vegetarian food joint which offers home delivery facility only and holds the motto ” Fast Doesn’t Mean Junk ” . Today where time is a major factor,  ready to eat food and fast food is a fashion but at the same time it offers health problems too. So Hunger Buzz has come out to serve healthy, tasty veg food at a reasonable price near your door step. 

Location :  EN 66, Sector V, Salt Lake city.

They mainly serve Mexican & Italian dishes ( a  variety of Pasta, Wraps & Rolls, Grilled Sandwiches, Pilaf Rice and Risotto ) which are made of high quality ingredients, less oily and healthy.

We Panchphoron team went for a food tasting event and tasted the following delicacies.

Refreshments – 

1. Vine trek – This is pressed fruit fusion of pomegranate,  pineapple and black grapes . This was thick and was absolutely healthy and refreshing. Probably the best fresh fruit juice I have ever had . Highly recommended.

2. Oreo shake – Thick, creamy and enjoyable.

3. Green apple – The soda based cooler was very refreshing .

Food – 

1. Chatpata paneer roll – less oily, home made , stuffed with paneer, capsicum,  onion, tomato and pickle was absolutely delicious and large in quantity.

2. Cheese and mushroom Sandwich– Grilled bread slices with sautéed mushroom and cheese served with chips and tomato sauce. This was too well prepared and yummy.

3)Pasta cream cheese sauce- This is penne pasta cooked in exotic Italian white sauce with cream and cheese. This was the best pasta, I have ever eaten. Highly recommended…..

3) Pasta in mixed sauce –The penne pasta cooked in italian white and red sauce was also very tasty and well made.

4)Risotto in tomato basil sauce –  Aromatic rice , well cooked and is again highly recommended.

5)Amritsari Pilaf – The aromatic rice cooked with vegetables,  paneer , dry fruits and North Indian spices.  This is probably their best dish . Truly a thing not to miss.

My top  picks
: Vine trek juice, pasta in cream cheese sauce and Amritsari pilaf .
So don’t hesitate to order food from here, as the pocket pinch is also reasonable along with sufficient quantity. 
Thanks to the management of Hunger Buzz for their warm welcome and hospitality.
Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)

Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron.


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