Lipsmacking veg delicacies at Cilantro

​Cilantro is a newly opened pure veg restaurant which serves North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Burmese delicacies at a reasonable price.

Ambience is fine and simple. Spacing is moderate.
Staffs were well mannered. It’s best to see the owner and his family were looking at the proceedings from beginning to end.

Price is reasonable with sufficient quantity.

I was invited by PanchPhoron at Cilantro on 28/12/2016 as a part of food tasting which was indeed a delightful and pleasurable experience.
We tasted the following items –

1) Lemon coriander soup – This soup was too good, appetising, aromatic with a lot of healthy veggies. It literally aroused the fire of the gut for aiding better digestion.

2) Cheese Broccoli Dimsum with peanut & mustard sauce- This dish was also delectable, Dimsum were soft with generous fillings , healthy , aromatic and a must try.

Though serving of a Chinese preparation with mustard sauce was innovating but I liked it with peanut sauce more.
3) Steamed Wantons chilly soya- Again a wonderful dish, soft and gooey and healthy .

4) Stuffed mushroom garlic pepper – This was yummy too, tangy and mouth watering .

5) Garlic fried rice – Again a nice one, with garlicky flavour.

6) Chilly garlic noodles – It’s bit spicy, tangy and it lifted the taste buds.

7) Veg beancurd- a healthy dish , which was ok . I didn’t liked it much.

8) Stir fried Chinese Veg, fine treasure veg in cilantro sauce- I liked both one , cooked well, healthy but nothing to rave about.

9) Lastly, it was time for desserts . We were served by 2 desserts , Cheese cake in blueberry sauce which had a sour taste but highly enjoyable and Chocolate Monte Carlo , which was terrific . It is a precious gem which one can’t afford to miss. Chocolate Monte Carlo is a must must try.

Cilantro is a newly opened gem , which every food lovers must visit .
Thank you Cilantro for your warm welcome , Wish you guys all the best. 

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron


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