Anglo Indian lunch at Sonnet

​Aura- The Sonnet , is located at Sector 1,  Salt Lake , near City Centre 1.

Ambience – Ambience is very nice with huge chandeliers, lavish wooden furniture, greenery, lights & decorations makes the environment grandeur and lavish.

Staffs & service
– Staffs are well behaved , courteous and service is awesome. Rajib Roy , the general manager is very warm & hospitable.

We were invited to taste the Christmas and New Year eve special anglo Indian delicacies at the Sonnet ( 20/12/16).

Anglo Indian cuisine developed during the British Raj era and gradually flourished overtime. We were welcomed with fresh lime soda , which was enjoyable.I was lucky enough to taste the following items –

1) Chicken cutlet , which was crunchy with good fillings and was nice.

2) Egg in the nest , which looked very nice, tasted good too. It’s a hard boiled egg coated with spice and mashed potato mixture, crusted with vermicelli .

3) Mulligatawny soup, made of lentil and rice was thick and good and healthy too.

4) live Christmas duck roast was succulent and tasted nice.

5)Mutton vindaloo , which was just awesome, spicy, tender and aromatic , don’t miss it.

6) Jhalfrezi , a kind of thick sauce was superb.

7) Hurry Burry Chicken curry was okay.

8)Casserole, a vegetable stew was good too.

9) Vegan dal fry was good.

10) Coconut rice was good ,

11) Marzipan a confectionary which was heavenly in taste and looks. Made of cashew and almond paste is a must try.

12)Live roasted Koyel, I tried for 1st time, it tastes like chicken but softer with thin bones. It was a surprise item, pretty decent and enjoyable .

13) jalebi, kesariya of apple and pineapple were unique and enjoyable.

14) Fuchka/Panipuri shot – It was the tamarind water used in Panipuri, it was concentrated and was awesome and mouth watering.

Ambience was good, with nice decor. Staffs were well behaved. A must visit for food lovers .

Thanks to the management for their amazing hospitality .

Invitation Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharjee (Gourmets Travel Guide)
Proud member of Team #PanchPhoron

Picture Courtesy – Rajdeep Bhattacharya.


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